Saturday, 10 December 2016

Luciana Berger — Kosher Stupidity At Its Classic Best

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is a legend. To the man in the mirror, at any rate. Luciana Berger is hot, like smoking; women like her can have the pick of the alpha males, and that does not include Joshua, who must be blind if he calls her a filthy Jew bitch or a filthy anything. As Bonehill-Paine begins a two year sentence for harassing - not sexually but simply harassing - the Liverpool MP, one has to ask if she or anyone else believes this will shake his belief that Jews control Britain, or if it will simply affirm it.

Curiously, the lovely Luciana has enemies on the left too, including veteran Kosher crazy Tony Greenstein who four years ago wrote of her “...Lucian is not only a Zionist scumbag but a coward to boot. In order to protect her career and knowing which way the wind blows, she hasn’t even raised Israel on her own blog or in the House of Commons!”

Not quite such poisonous rhetoric, but coming from someone who is not regarded as a total fruitcake as well as a member of The Tribe, far more hurtful. In the first place, many Jews have supported Zionism because like the gullible goyim they have been blinded by its propaganda campaign in the Western media. With the rise of social media, the alternative media, and Islamic voices, most of them have seen through it. Probably Berger is ashamed to speak up for Israel after the two massacres of Operation Cast Lead and the 2012 attack which saw such terrible loss of life. But in comparison with the implosion of Syria, the crimes of the Zionist entity from 1948 to date don’t look so terrible at all.

Leaving aside the Middle East though, Luciana does have some right daffy ideas; she believes in the gender pay gap for one. And she seems to believe the way to deal with idiots is to throw them in gaol. After Bonehill-Paine’s conviction she relished in playing the victim to the BBC. Or perhaps that should be the survivor. Just kidding. But did it have to end like this? One thing she could have done was refrain from feeding the troll. Another and far more alluring thing would have been to invite him to meet her. In spite of her whining about sexism and other chimeras, she has done some excellent work in both her constituency and Parliament as is evinced by her short film Breadline Britain and constantly raising the issue of food banks.

Men like Bonehill-Paine may be ignorant, but they are not ignorant in a vacuum. They’ve been reading the wrong books, watching the wrong videos, and listening to the wrong people. If no one educates them, they will remain ignorant, and when this particular idiot comes out of gaol in a year or so, he will be not simply ignorant but embittered. In short, if he doesn’t hate Jews already and his writings really are only satire, he will certainly hate them then. Congratulations Luciana, Eric Sevareid would be proud of you.

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