Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sing Along With The Chabloz Goy

What is a self-styled singer-songwriter? Alison Chabloz is one, according to her detractors. As she both composes and performs, and her work can be viewed on YouTube, one is entitled to ask in what sense is she self-styled? This petty dig is probably the slightest slight she has suffered since she came out, not as a lesbian, but as a Holocaust Revisionist.

Miss Chabloz has lived or at least spent some time in the Middle East, and in spite of her beliefs is clearly a left winger who identifies strongly with the struggle for Palestinian statehood. At one time this would have been a death sentence for her musical career; certainly as late as the 1980s Zionist spokesmen were able to insist there was no Jewish Lobby, no Israel/Zionist Lobby, and that any suggestion to the contrary was misguided if not the ravings of anti-Semites.

All that has changed in the past twenty years, a change that has not been down solely to the Internet. It is difficult to portray yourself as a victim when you are standing on your oppressor’s neck. While at one time the Jewish Lobby and the Israel Lobby were synonymous, this is no longer the case, especially in the United States. But the hidden hand is still very much alive, and Miss Chabloz has been feeling its effects because not only does she support the Palestinian cause and openly espouse Holocaust Revisionism, she has set her views to music.

Understandably this has caused considerable mock outrage including at the Edinburgh Fringe where last year the event’s organisers came under considerable pressure to ban her, a pressure which they admirably resisted.

Since then she has recorded a number of songs that are sure to cause the ADL to foam at the mouth, including Kosher Brother and the hilarious (((Survivors))). When you have heard the latter, Hava Nagila will never sound the same again.

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