Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Penge Anomaly

A strange thing happened to me today. It was around 11.30am or just after, and I was crossing the road in Penge having finished my shopping when a driver paused in the queue some distance from the lights motioned to me. He was holding something in his hand which as I approached him I saw to be a £10 note. He was a young black guy who I think was in the passenger seat, if that was the case then the black car, which had an American look to it, had a left hand drive.

When I reached him, he held the money out to me. I said something, and he nodded, I took it, and the car drove off. I attempted to memorise the licence plate then thought better of it. I don’t know who he was, though he had a moustache and looked slightly disreputable, but I have a beard and am extremely disreputable! Obviously he didn’t think I was dealing drugs, maybe he thought I was a tramp; as I always dress down, that is a distinct possibility. Maybe he’d just won the lottery. I don’t know what moral to draw from this, but I think we should all try to be a bit kinder, especially to strangers, including people to whom we would not normally give the time of day.

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