Tuesday, 24 October 2017

My Final Word On The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

In November 1989, a young woman named Deborah was lured to an hotel room by an older man, Wash Jones Williams. Once there he raped her and gave her fifty dollars. She threw the money back at him, saying she was not a prostitute, and afterwards went straight to the police. Deborah was a genuinely vulnerable young woman; she was staying at a homeless shelter with her sister, was obviously extremely gullible, and was outweighed by her violator by more than a hundred pounds, yet she did the right thing unthinkingly. I get the impression that if Williams had offered her fifty thousand dollars after or before his sordid act she would still have turned him down and reported him for rape afterwards.

Contrast her with the “victims” of Harvey Weinstein, supposedly empowered women going places. Isn’t that what feminism is all about? Yet only one of them...one...both turned him down and reported him to the police at once, the Italian model Ambra Gutierrez who is clearly cut from the same cloth as Deborah, and a young woman who deserves to go far.

And all the others? Some of them complained about his antics, not to the police, but to his company, then took his shilling and remained silent until he was toppled. Did Weinstein rape any of these women? Some claim he did, but why should we believe them, any of them? Genuine rape victims do what Deborah did. A reasonably intelligent, educated woman who doesn’t under similar circumstances has zero credibility. They don’t deserve our sympathy, they don’t even deserve our ink, because it is women like them, not pigs like Weinstein, who are the real problem.

Did even one of these victims or as we are now to call them survivors so much as slap his face? If one or two had, or had kicked him where it hurts, he would soon have got the message. Instead they acquiesced in silence; that is not rape, it is quid pro quo.

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