Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Most Dangerous Hand In No Limit Hold ’Em

Most players have some sort of opinion about what is the most dangerous hand in poker, but there can be no doubt whatsoever about what is the most dangerous hand in no limit hold ’em. Below is the proof. This hand was played on PokerStars, in the 3pm (London time) Privilege Freeroll on January 8, 2014. I was dealt one of the weakest starting hands the very first hand of the tournament, and with two callers, flopped the second nuts, a hand that is almost certainly winning, but with plenty of scope for being outdrawn. It remains to be seen if either of the other players should have called pre-flop, even in a freeroll, but neither had any business calling my all-in. The second player has a gutshot, and the other guy has what, exactly?

So there it is, the most dangerous hand at no limit in this variant is the unraised big blind, because you never know what it may hold. For the record, I came nowhere in this tournament. If you read my previous poker blog, you will understand why. After trebling up here I got involved in a multi-way pot a dozen or so hands later. I had AJ, and the muppet who called in front of me then joined in the shoving after my raise, and made a house from ace rag.

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