Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Further Decline Of Trafalgar Square

Wow, it gets worse! No screens or music like in previous years, and even smaller crowds. Down, down, down. So small in fact that there was never any problem getting in and out. The fountains were of course boarded up as usual, even more so, and it was so low key that there was no meaningful security. Yeah, there were police and stewards; on the way back at Embankment Station there were police armed with automatic weapons, but it was clear that no suicide bombers were expected, and the pickpockets must have been extremely disappointed.

True, there was a spectacular firework display at midnight that was clearly visible, but when you’ve said that, you’ve said it all. Even worse for me were the travel arrangements. I ended up taking the Underground to Balham then a train to East Croydon, upon boarding of which I decided to get off at Streatham Common, whereupon I found a Morley’s Chicken where I demolished an extremely nourishing bargain basement meal before a long walk towards Crystal Palace when my luck changed, and with two bus rides I was home some time after 3am.

Not sure what I’ll be doing next year but probably not Trafalgar Square as it stands. That is assuming I have not departed this Earth.

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