Saturday, 22 November 2014

Who Owns The “Holocaust” Now?

Have you noticed something about the so-called Holocaust? It doesn’t belong to Organised Jewry anymore. At one time any criticism of their wire-pulling and especially their mendacity in the Middle East was met with incessant whining about “six million Jews”, as if the suffering of an earlier generation of Jews - real and imagined - excused or even justified their brutalisation and murder of the Palestinians.

For some time though, this has not been the case, because the Holocaust - whatever it was - does not belong to them anymore. I’m not sure precisely when this happened, but it appears to have been around the time of Operation Cast Lead. That calculated act of mass murder resulted in the deaths of over eleven hundred innocent people including hundreds of women and children.

It resulted too in Holocaust survivors - so-called - not simply condemning Israel’s barbarism but in turning against the Zionist entity, and now three years on, Jews worldwide have lined up in two camps: those who continue to defend Israel more or less uncritically, as did the late Joan Rivers, and those who have finally had the planks removed from their eyes.

Israel is now more of a pariah than South Africa ever was, and with good reason, but however much its diminishing band of supporters and apologists, Jew and Gentile, whine about anti-Semitism, there is no going back. It will take a while yet, but the Palestinian people will not be denied.