Friday, 7 March 2014

Time To Share Your Web Talents

If you’re not on-line, you’re either in hospital, in prison, or dead. Actually, that statement is untrue. It’s difficult to smuggle a desktop computer into a hospital ward, but mobile phones are easy to conceal, and often permitted. There are quite a few convicted criminals who use the Internet to proclaim their innocence, be they innocent or guilty. And there are tribute sites galore. It isn’t only Elvis who lives!

The pleasant truth is that most of us use the Internet every day, even if it is only e-mail for business purposes. More and more of us are also running our own websites. If you have neither the time nor the aptitude for starting your own website, how about a blog? You can open one for free on Google’s Blogger or many other such sites; you might even get lucky and make money from it.

Everyone likes to make money, but how about putting something back? That doesn’t mean you have to dig into pocket and shell out for a charity that pays its CEO a telephone number salary and remunerates its field workers with plush apartments and first class travel, you can donate your time and talents.

If you haven’t heard the name Philippe Bernard, he is the brains behind this site. is exactly what it sounds like, it allows you to convert JPG images to PDFs. Just as importantly, it does so for free. Check out this interview with the man and see if you agree with his ethos.

Monsieur Bernard’s is a dedicated conversion site, but there are others that offer broader Web Designer Resources. This one, Web Design Tunes, is a premium site that also offers freebies; it contains a large collection of templates relating to not only web design but graphic design, video design, and related topics. It is also looking for talented people to contribute. If you have “extensive experience in developing for HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and WordPress and a passion for teaching”, that could include you.

Finally, if that last sentence went over your head, and you would like some free advice with your own Web work, check out what claims to be the largest web development site in the world – w3schools - the HTML Forum or similar. You will also find some excellent free lessons on YouTube.

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