Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Why We Are Evil

Yesterday, on my way to the High Court and other places, I took the train up town, something I do but rarely nowadays. At another stop, what appeared to be an entire class of schoolkids got on. I wasn’t paying attention, but as far as I could tell, they were escorted by two teachers: a man and a woman. What I did notice though was that only two of them - a boy and a girl - were white. The others were largely black.

Two of the girls sat opposite me; the girl opposite adjacent was, admittedly, cute, and if she had been twenty years older and I twenty years younger, I might have engaged her in conversation on a longer journey, but I would never have attempted to take things further than that.

According to the politically correct morons who have insinuated their way into our ruling class, our bureaucracies, and most of all our media, that makes both me and every white person who thinks the same way, evil.

Although they are forever whining about so-called racism, and would have us believe the international Nazi conspiracy so beloved of anti-white hatemongers like Gerry Gable is about to take over at any minute, they know where all this is leading, and they don’t care, or even rejoice that it is.

The white birth rate is now suicidally low, but for them, it can’t fall fast enough, because not only are they intent on mongrelising us out of existence, they are sodomising the culture as well.

Every soap opera, indeed almost every TV programme, has now to have not only its own mixed-raced couple but its own village gay. In EastEnders they even combined this when the eldest son of its dysfunctional Moslem family forsook the arms of his gorgeous young wife for the arse of the local butch queen. When the father of the bride found out he was furious, and summary justice followed. I remember thinking at the time, I’ve just seen a white man beaten up by three Pakistanis, and I’ve never laughed so much. Sadly, even the love that once dared not speak its name, conquers all. At least until one of them dies of AIDS, which may indeed happen if the programme’s ratings fall.

So where does that leave what is left of Western civilisation? Right where the Frankfurt School and its witless latter day fellow travellers want us.

The left may have lost the battle over economics with especially the collapse of the Soviet Union and now the liberalisation of China, but they have been winning the war for what is left of our culture for decades, and will continue to do so until sufficient numbers of us learn not to be intimidated by epithets, which in the final analysis is all they have. That and the really big money of their supposedly sworn enemy that has financed them at every turn.

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