Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Voter ID Controversy — What Controversy?

Today I voted in the local election. The card that came through my door said

You will not be able to vote unless
you show ID to polling station staff

I thought this provision was a new national requirement but apparently it is a pilot scheme being tried out in a few areas. It is said to have caused chaos. I showed my NUJ card which was accepted, presumably some forms of identification were not.

I can’t say there is a big problem in the UK of duplicity at the ballot box, almost invariably that comes after the votes have been cast and the politicians have taken power. I recall two cases - one involving Orthodox Jews, and another Moslems. Unlike their secular brethren the JINOs, the ultra-Orthodox never cause any trouble in this country, and this was purely a matter of local politics. The Moslem voter fraud was somewhat bigger but was still local, and then there was of course that business in Tower Hamlets involving Lutfur Rahman. In the United States though it is all about racism. How could it be anything else?

The reality is that the Democrats are opposed to voter ID laws because there is massive fraud in the system including in particular illegal immigrants voting, and all this fraud benefits the Democrats. The claim that blacks and other legitimate minorities are less likely than whites to carry ID is utterly pathetic. It is virtually impossible to conduct any transaction in any Western nation without some sort of ID, and most of us carry ID routinely, if only a bank card.

Of course, we should all oppose the ever encroaching Orwellian state, including mandatory ID and checks on everything we do, but proving you are who say you are when you vote is far from Orwellian, and only unreasonable people would not consider it reasonable.

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