Thursday, 25 December 2014

White Police Officers Are Not Your Friends, Jared

In the wake of the execution of two New York police officers by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Jared Taylor wrote an article for his American Renaissance website:  The Media Murder Two Police Officers. According to Jared, officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were gunned down because the media has fuelled anti-white hysteria in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and more recently the death of Eric Garner while being arrested for a victimless crime in New York.

While all four deaths were regrettable, Jared Taylor is falling into the same trap as those at the opposite end of the political spectrum, namely he is viewing the shooting, the accidental death and the double execution through the prism of race. The truth is that race had nothing whatsoever to do with the deaths of either Michael Brown or Eric Garner, and from the little we know about Ismaaiyl Brinsley, it appears he didn’t see it as entirely a race issue either. He wasn’t mad at white people, he was mad at cops. Indeed, neither victim was white.

As an avid supporter of the 14 Words it never ceases to amaze me that like the idiots of the misnamed anti-racist movement, the comrades of the left generally and the loony feminists, people on our side fail all too often to distinguish between advocacy and objectivity. One of the slogans anti-racists are fond of using is that there is good and bad in all, that just because some blacks are muggers and rapists doesn’t mean they all are, words to that effect. The white ethnic movement is not about good and bad, it is about survival or racial death; if it is good to care about the white rhino - which is now nearly extinct - why should it be bad to care about preserving something infinitely more precious, the white race?

Jared cares passionately about White Survival, but do the police in America, the UK, or anywhere? If personal experience and observation count for anything, I think not. The criminal element allude to the police as the pigs; I prefer another appellation, the filth, because they do a necessary and at times filthy job. In order to do that job, they need to have filthy, suspicious minds. When a man is murdered in an apparent botched home invasion they need to consider the possibility that his wife, his son, his daughter, or even his own mother might be responsible.

They do a filthy job policing demonstrations and such, and at times this leads to them being attacked simultaneously for being both too repressive and too liberal. Most of the time they manage to carry off this balancing act very well, but the police have a privilege money can’t buyone they are never afraid to exploit, and in the United States especially that privilege extends to using their weapons first and asking questions later, that is assuming there is anyone left alive to ask.

Do the police persecute blacks, do they profile them, and so on? The police like easy targets, that means certain types of blacks, it also means us. In the UK which does not have the same constitutional safeguards for free speech as the US, the police have treated us like scum, and not just the lunatic fringe of 14 Words adherents. They waged a campaign against geriatric Nazi Colin Jordan for a decade or more, beginning with a raid on his home and the seizure of dozens of boxes of documents, and all this over one poxy cartoon that was deemed to be anti-Semitic, ironically by a Zionist Jew who is now held in lower esteem by the Anglo-Jewish establishment that Jordan ever was.

When Jordan left the police with egg on their faces over this affair, they dragged him into court over a virtually unreadable satirical pamphlet, Merrie England 2000. And when the proceedings were stayed against Jordan on health grounds, they went after his printer. Among others they have persecuted and harassed were Lady Birdwood and John Tyndall - now both long deceased; Nick Griffin - who was dragged into court twice, and other political activists whose crimes amount to words, ordinary white working class men and women who were concerned at the colonisation of their country by alien races and the wilful destruction of their white inheritance.

The only reason the American police don’t give 14 Words adherents as much grief as the British police is because they can’t, rest assured if they could, they would. The police are not on your side, Jared, worse than that, in the US they are now rapidly becoming perceived as an occupying force, and I don’t mean only by blacks and wiggers. Again, while it is regrettable that two innocent men have been executed by a self-styled gangsta, in future it might make them think twice before they gun down an innocent man in cold blood, an innocent white man perhaps.

I doubt very much Ismaaiyl Brinsley read my 1997 dissertation The Wizard Of Oz Syndrome, but he has certainly captured the spirit of it. The riots in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere were mindless acts of violence; the crime of Ismaaiyl Brinsley was not.

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