Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Good Night On Strange Tables

It isn’t often you get money for nothing; months ago I received an e-mail from an affiliate that offered me E5 totally free if I signed up to a certain poker site. I signed up, and forgot about it. Of course, you can’t simply sign up and cash out, for one thing the minimum cash out is E50.00. Last night I wasn’t exactly at a loose end, but I’d had a hard day, so took to the tables playing micro-stakes. I entered an 18 seat E1 sit and go, pot limit turbo Omaha, and won the damn thing, then a regular limit hold ’em tournament.

September 3, 2014: First tournament on the new site - a sit and go - and guess who wins it?
I didn’t expect to do well in this but got lucky; with 78 runners and 10 places paid, there was a reasonable prize pool; I finished runner up winning E14.82. Here are two hands from it.

Ace rag outflops my pocket kings, but the short stack is rivered and bounced out of the tournament.

One of the chip leaders, I raised with pocket kings and had one taker; I think he re-raised; he was short stacked otherwise I would probably have dumped my cowboys when the ace hit the flop, but I ended up putting him all-in. With his A3 revealed, I could only pray for a magic river. For once, my prayers were answered.

Heads up, I decided to get creative, seeing from his earlier play that this guy was a total moron. I shouldn’t have. The last hand of the tournament is shown below. I would probably have won but for that cruel river, but having had so much luck in my first two tournaments on this new site, I can hardly complain. All I have to do now is quadruple my bankroll so I can not only cash out but still have something to play with.

There goes that pig again, flying off into the sunset.

The last hand in this first regular tournament on the new site; a cruel river, but I can’t complain.

Congratulations, you were runner up.

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