Sunday, 19 May 2019

Harold Covington R.I.P.

I used to listen to his Radio Free Northwest podcast fairly regularly, but for the past year I’ve been following the Trump/Russia collusion hoax with such intensity that with work commitments, listening to music, and watching the odd documentary, I never got round to tuning in to it. Until yesterday, when I received a shock.

I say shock, the parlous state of Harold’s health was hardly a secret, all the same I hadn’t expected him to pass so soon, and I find it difficult to believe he could have died as long ago as July 18 - nearly a year - without my having read or heard something.

Passing over his various obituaries, it is clear Harold is remembered by his detractors as a notorious bigot, with more than a little justification, and even by some people on his own side as a pernicious influence. He became a non-person to his brother Ben. This article contains some interesting background information on Harold, though the reader will have to decide for himself how much of it is truth and how much spin. The idea that white supremacy is a “mental illness” is certainly quaint.

An avuncular looking Harold Armstead Covington (1953-2018)

Harold has of course been accused of being a state asset, primarily because of his outrageous rhetoric. He has been accused of forging documents, a claim that is not entirely baseless as I know from one e-mail exchange with him.

However Harold is remembered by others, I will always remember him as a true friend in my darkest hour, certainly my darkest hour in a long time when a filthy cabal tried to and nearly did destroy me over a triviality, basically an off-the-cuff remark. The lies they told and the spin they put on it still takes my breath away. All Harold knew was that a cyber-correspondent, a man he had never met, was in deep trouble, and he did what he could to broadcast my plight to the world; he also wrote to me several times and sent me a mailing I much appreciated. Later he sent me copies of his Northwest Novels, one of which I read intensely, and later still a copy of Give Me The Night, which I reviewed.

It is likely that as his brother points out Harold became anti-black due to childhood experiences, though the claim that he was a coward, that he was ever a coward, is too stupid to comment on. People who engage in his sort of extremism, including on the far left, often have more courage than common sense. Harold himself recognised this; while I have no doubt he was as horrified as the rest of us by the atrocities of 9/11, he expressed amazement, almost admiration for the way it was carried out, and that withstanding his later comments about the entire outrage being a false flag, a view shared by a lot of people across a wide political spectrum who should know better.

In spite of his so-called racism, Harold sympathised with the Arab cause and everyone who suffered under Zionism and other fascistic ideologies. And now I am going to say something that will probably make his friends laugh as much as his enemies. If Harold had lived in Nazi Germany, he would not have joined the SS, he would have ended up in a concentration camp. Had he lived in Amsterdam in 1944, he would have hidden the Frank family rather than betrayed them.

I say this because not only did Harold sympathise with the underdog, but like me, he was a born contrarian. Also like me he experienced the full force of wanton state power, and was equally contemptuous of the petty sadists who wield it. Although he was a student of history and had an encyclopaedic knowledge of it from the perspective of Western Man, he made the same mistake as so many black “radicals”. When they come up against it, they call it the white power structure; Harold called it ZOG. The reality is that whoever wields such power will crush anyone if they have the chance. Anyone, white, black or Jew, poor or rich, radical, progressive, or just plain ordinary. Anyone who doubts this should study the cases of Conrad Black, Dinesh D’Souza, or more historically, the black separatist Marcus Garvey and the atheist John William Gott.

Having said that, the people Harold hated most were the apparatchiks of the power structure, and he had no problem in calling them out. The truth is that Harold was at heart a Libertarian, one who believed passionately in The Fourteen Words. Recall that famous saying from the Middle East: “I and my brother against my cousin, I and my cousin against our neighbor, I and my neighbor against the world.”

There is no expression of hate here, ditto “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.

Harold would gladly have seen that phrase universalised, even for Jews, but he decided to concentrate on saving his own people. What is so bad about that? The answer is of course nothing, and it is only his political enemies who would have us believe so by their incessant demonisation of everything white. And it is a sad fact that so many of those political enemies have been Jews, as the better among the Jews readily acknowledge, including Michael Levin and Paul Gottfried.

I could write a lot more about Harold, I will add only that he had great taste in music, introducing me to both Axe and Loreena McKennitt, the latter of whom he once said convinced him there really was a God in Heaven by the angelic quality of her voice.

I am not ashamed to say that after learning yesterday of Harold’s death I was not dry eyed. He deserved a better fate if only to live for the Biblical three score and ten. To his detractors he was Weird Harold doubtless among many other appellations; to me he was Wicked Harold, after a poem I wrote about Sonia Gable, but wicked in the colloquial sense. Now he walks in Valhalla, unlike most of his enemies and not a few fellow travellers, who will be going to the other place.

R.IP. Harold

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

15 Stansted Morons

Earlier this year I attended a meeting at which the issue of these braindeads and morons was raised. They were being prosecuted under anti-terrorist legislation, we were told, and faced sentences of up to life in prison. We hear this kind of bullshit all the time. In England you can get seven years for shoplifting, but who does?

What did they do? They stormed an airport to prevent a plane taking off because...racism. Yawn.

A number of undesirables were being kicked out of the UK, forcibly, so-called asylum seekers, or asylum sneakers as I prefer to call them. The reality is that there are precious few genuine asylum seekers in the UK because under international law, asylum must be sought in the first safe country to which the applicant flees. Obviously there are honorable exceptions; Malala Yousafzai was brought here for medical treatment after being shot in the face. Ali Abbas lives here, though it remains to be seen why he should want to live in a country that did to him what we did.

Leaving those two aside, the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers are economic migrants, and many of them are criminals with a capital C. They all claim to have suffered political persecution, every single one. And the women, they all claim to have been sexually abused if not gang-raped, every single one.

The women are if anything far worse than the men, and pathetic with it. Amina Muse claimed to have seen her brothers murdered in Somalia, where she was also gang-raped. That was in 1998. She had in fact been domiciled in Sweden since 1995. In January 2011, she was given a four and a half year sentence at Harrow Crown Court for fraud.

Verna Joseph turned up in the UK from Saint Lucia in February 2005 with over 2 kilograms of pure cocaine in her luggage. She lied to those nice customs officers, then at trial came out with a cock and bull story about acting under extreme duress. She claimed to have been raped, and claimed after her release from prison to have been raped in the UK as well. How unfortunate is that? While she was here she gave birth to her ninth child, yes, her ninth, and was such a piss poor mother that the baby was taken away from her. Do we really want trash like this claiming asylum in Britain? Don’t we have enough trash of our own?

The 15 Stansted morons would if they had their way allow a million, ten million or a hundred million Verna Josephs into this country because it can only be racist to refuse them admittance. In the end, these braindeads walked away from their trial with zero gaol time. Zero. Had they pulled a similar stunt in China, or perish the thought, Israel, they might well have been shot, and would deserved to have been. There are certain things you don’t do at an airport, like never. You don’t joke about the semtex in your luggage, and you don’t storm the runway. Never. Ever. Period. Full stop.

In October 2018, a similar incident happened at Heathrow, only this time it was the passengers who halted the deportation. Somali native Yaqub Ahmed was being deported via Turkey, and the passengers, not wanting to see this poor man separated from his family, rose up and prevented it. Ahmed was one of four lowlifes who gang-raped a teenager in 2007. No one is illegal? Yeah, right.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

9/11 Was Not Something Some People Did

The new intake of Democratic Representatives includes the photogenic but moronic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the odious Rashida Tlaib, a Moslem woman sans hijab who thinks mother is half a word. They are of course extremely disappointing, but Ilhan Omar at least gave the appearance of a woman who was prepared to speak truth to power, even with the certainty of being branded an anti-Semite - see previous blog.

Alas, it is one thing to point out that Organised Jewry inject big money into politics, it is quite another to own your own shit, as the saying goes. Here she is making light of 9/11. And she is so wrong.

In the first place, CAIR was founded in 1994, the year after the first attack on the Twin Towers when a truck bomb detonated under the North Tower killed six people and injured over a thousand. That though was not the reason it was founded, rather the portrayal of Arabs by Hollywood and in particular the film True Lies had more than a little to do with it. *

In the second place, the terrorists who carried out these acts of kamikaze mass murder were not “some people”, they were Islamists, men whose perverted interpretation of Islam was both a catalyst and a necessary ingredient for their dreadful acts. If they had been Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian kids, Omar would have called them Zionists, Zionist murderers or something of that nature, not “some people”.

And after 9/11, people stared at that so surprising? Now here is something she will definitely not have thought of. Nearly three thousand people died due to 9/11, more when one considers the after effects: cancers, etc. One person died at Charlottesville, one. The man responsible was a so-called white supremacist, a man who was considered unsuitable for the US Army, not for any political reason, but because he wasn’t up to it.

On account of the death of this one protester, “white supremacists” and “Nazis” were demonised, and an attempt was made to impeach the President simply because he didn’t condemn this “attack” quickly enough, ie before all the facts were in. If Ilhan Omar sincerely believes Moslems are second class citizens in the United States, if she believes they are stereotyped, she really should look beyond her own goldfish bowl.

* True Lies was released July 15, 1994; CAIR was founded officially the previous month, but this blockbuster film had been heavily promoted.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Ilhan Omar — Speaking Truth To Jewish Power

The new intake of Democratic freshmen (of both sexes) has been largely disappointing. First and foremost is the moronic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has made so many absurd and insane pronouncements that she beggars belief. Then there is the so-called Moslem Rashida Tlaib who not only left her hijab at home but her sense of decency when she announced to a crowd including her own son that the Democrats would “impeach the motherfucker”. But on the other hand, there is Ilhan Omar, a genuine Moslem NAWALT.

Her comment about big money in politics - “It’s all about the benjamins, baby” (from a 1990s rap “song”) - caused a stir when she followed it up with the single word AIPAC, and we saw denunciations galore of what has been called an anti-Semitic trope.

Oh no, not again, someone is accusing the Joos of controlling the Government or even the world, and this time the filthy anti-Semite is a serving national politician. This is hypocrisy and stupidity combined in equal measure. When Donald Trump alluded to Mexican “rapists” crossing the Southern border illegally he didn’t mean all Mexican men were rapists; everybody knew that, however much the Democrats and others claimed he did. Similarly, no one with a nanogramme of common sense or an ounce of decency would claim Omar was alluding to all the Jews in America. Surprising, isn’t it just how many people have neither a nanogramme of common sense nor an ounce of decency?

Won’t it be fun if she goes off on the homosexual lobby, or even better, the Federal Reserve? Sharia-compliant banking for Uncle Sam, now that’s a thought!

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Why The Police Can’t Stop Teen Knife Crime

According to yesterday’s Guardian, ten teenagers have now been stabbed to death in England this year: five in London, three in Birmingham, one in Manchester, one in Sunderland. Why can’t the police stop this?

This afternoon on my way home from a shopping trip, I passed a police car in Linden Grove, the road that runs parallel to Penge East Station. Sure enough, there was a small group of them hanging around the station exit waiting to catch fare dodgers. Last month when I got off the train on my way home after a short day in the Library, there was a mass of them along with ticket inspectors. They caught two young black kids who were travelling without tickets. Colin Flaherty will have been proud.

I have my own experience of these imbeciles, morons and outright tyrants who will waste thousands of hours of precious police time and seemingly endless sums of public money to destroy otherwise innocuous people. They failed in my case, but boy, have they got Nemesis coming with a capital N. Best not to mention their “policing” of Twitter.

In the meantime, if your son is stabbed to death by a gangsta or a psycho, don’t be too surprised if they don’t catch him. After all, they have more pressing, and safer suspects, to target.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Why They Hate Farrakhan, And How They Lie About Him

The article below appeared on the front page of the London Jewish Chronicle, August 3, 1984. Nearly thirty-five years later, the same powerful vested interests are making the same noises about Minister Farrakhan and smearing him in the same way. To take just one recent example, when Farrakhan was branded an anti-Semite for the N thousandth time, he retorted that he was not anti-Semite but anti-termite. Shock, horror, that wicked man branded “Jewish people” termites. No, he did not. Like Donald Trump, Farrakhan has never been shy about repaying his detractors in their own coin. He branded Jewish leaders termites, the likes of the ADL who supported two Gaza massacres and the Flotilla massacre. If these people are not termites, they aren’t much higher up the food chain.

Farrakhan has also been branded anti-white. As whites are constantly being told by other whites how racist they are, surely we can forgive him this. In fact, Farrakhan’s most stringent criticism has always been reserved for his fellow blacks; he has for example attacked what he called the glorification of the gun.

So why has Farrakhan become such a hate figure for the lib-tards, one of the very few black men it is possible to attack without being branded racist?

There are two reasons, one is that like the late great Muhammad Ali he is a black separatist. In short he believes bluebirds should fly with bluebirds; that may go down well with the likes of wicked Harold Covington, but its corollary - white survival - goes down very badly with the likes of the ADL, Tim Wise, and other self-styled anti-racists for whom white survival is akin to hate. Talk about projection.

The second reason, which is just as important, is that Farrakhan is a student of the financial conspiracy; he knows how and why the Federal Reserve was founded, and how usury robs everyone from the poor to the point one percent in order to enrich the banksters. Is this man our enemy? Is he Hell!

Monday, 31 December 2018

Cyntoia Brown  —  the murderess in pigtails

A murder case from 2004 has been back in the news recently. Cyntoia Brown was convicted of the first degree murder of Johnny Allen in the American state of Tennessee. Don’t believe anything you read or hear about her innocence on social media.

In fact, don’t believe anything you read or hear about any murder case on social media until you have read the official findings of an appellate court, because there have been and are numerous such cases of convicted killers pleading their innocence and people lobbying on their behalf when the most cursory examination of the documented facts of the case reveals a trove of damning evidence.

This was the case with Troy Davis - executed in 2011; Linda Carty - currently on death row in Texas; and many others.

The appeal of Cyntoia Brown for most of the gullibles is her age. She was just sixteen years old in August 2004 when she shot and killed Johnny Allen. She was arrested shortly, and when she appeared in court, her legal team dressed her up like a thirteen year old, in pigtails. The story she gave the court was that she was a victim of sex trafficking and that she had been forced or virtually forced to shoot Allen because she was in fear of her life.

These claims were rejected by the jury in her 2006 trial and by the Tennessee Court Of Criminal Appeals in a lengthy judgment. Because of the gravity of her crime, she was tried as an adult; murder is seldom suitable for trying in juvenile court. That notwithstanding, the singer Rihanna and others have reignited this non-controversy by ill-informed posts on social media. They have been joined by CNN, National Public Radio, and many others who should know better but don’t. Many of them are not simply bending over backwards to excuse Brown but are literally making stuff up.

Cyntoia Brown: The Murderous Psychopath In Pigtails

According to Brown, she was forced into prostitution by a man known as Kut-Throat - spell that however you want. His real name was Garion McGlothen. She describes him as her pimp, claims he raped her multiple times, and forced her to have sex with other men. The reality is that although she had a terrible start in life, Brown was placed with a woman no reasonable person could fault as either a foster or adoptive mother. Even so, she chose to run away from home and seek out McGlothen or a man like him.

In Tennessee, the age of consent is eighteen; in most of the rest of the Western world it is sixteen, in a few places it is lower. Thus, although a man having sex with a sixteen year old in Tennessee is considered statutory rape, most people would regard it as no big deal. Brown’s victim, Johnny Allen, was forty three, ie old enough to be her father and then some, but plenty of women have had relationships including sex with much older men with no ill effect. The night he met Brown, Allen was in search of female company as much as sex. She says when he propositioned her she told him the price was $200; he offered half that, and they split the difference. We have only her word for this, but as the prosecutor pointed out, she felt comfortable enough in his company to go home with him, to eat with him, and to watch TV with him. Do “johns” normally take street whores home with them and treat them like this?

Johnny Allen was shot in the back of the head as he slept; the forensic evidence including the horrific crime scene photographs which in typical American fashion were released to the public, leave that in no doubt. Brown’s story that she was in fear of her life from Allen was and remains a lie.

In view of these lies, it is pertinent to ask what if any of what she says about her relationship with her alleged pimp is true? She murdered Allen with the pistol she carried in her purse. Sex trafficking victims - and they do exist - do not typically carry weapons of any kind, but prostitutes do. As for McGlothen, he died a violent death in March 2005 aged only 24, so is not talking, but the police had no interest in him at the time of Brown’s arrest either as an accessory after the fact or as a rapist in his own right. In short, Brown was with McGlothen of her own free will, so however odious he might have been, she cannot put the blame for her murderous actions on him.

Another point made by her supporters, including one psychiatric professional who should know better but doesn’t, is a 16 year old should not be judged by adult standards. This argument has merit when lesser crimes are considered. A 16 year old might not realise it is unlawful to attempt to bribe a government official, and may not understand the concept of joint enterprise, but surely every 16 year old, every 12 year old, knows and understands that murder is wrong.

All that being said, she and her supporters have looked around for another scapegoat. Brown’s white trash mother is said to have indulged in heavy alcohol use during her pregnancy, and Brown is said to have been born with foetal alcohol syndrome. The only problem with that argument is that if she was driven to commit a murder at sixteen by this condition, how much more dangerous will she be if paroled now?

Although Brown has learned to shed crocodile tears for the murder of Johnny Allen, this manipulative female psychopath is still happy to portray herself as a victim. Does this mean she should never be paroled? No, but it might not be a bad idea to keep her behind bars at least until the menopause, that way we can ensure she does not pass on her murderous genes to her offspring.